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Do you frequently wish you could

Feel Better?

Do you wish you had

More Energy

Are you

Tired of Being

Do you wonder if you will ever

Win the Battle to Control
your Weight?




  as well as Recreational?

Would you like some

Simple, Easy-to-Follow Plan of Diet and

Do you wonder if there is such a thing as

Vibrant Health

An Enjoyable Exercise Program

For someone your age?

Have you at times wondered if there were

Methods of Tension

that someone like yourself could learn?    

Would you like to be

Free of Backache, Stiffness, Muscle and
Joint Pain?

Do you long for

Restful Sleep

Are you curious about


Would you like to know if
it has any value for you and
if it is something you could

Do you long for

Peace of Mind

Welcome to the Science of Yoga

     My purpose in presenting this site is to share with you what I have learned about improving and maintaining health and well being in my more than 35 years as a student and teacher of the Science of Yoga.  Using the ideas here will enable you to help yourself to better health and happier living.

     Here you will find workable health tools that will serve you regardless of your age, physical condition, health status, or past training/experience.

     Contrary to much popular opinion, Yoga is
not an esoteric practice limited to those extremely flexible people able to twist themselves into pretzel form. 

Yoga is a Science that offers you an extremely efficient, balanced way to improve yourself.  Yoga will help you fill your need for the harmonious development of the interrelated physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of your nature.

     So now what? Where do you start?

     If you need no more motivation or information and want to get into  Group Classes here in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, just click this link   Classes  .  Or if you don't live here and want to practice at home, click  DVDs & CDs and find the help that works best for you.

     If you want to know how to Prepare for a Class, click  Preparing to Practice

     If you would like to get more info or motivation about the yogic approach to Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health,  click   Health Q&A

     If you are interested in Private One-on-One Yoga Therapy, Counseling, or Instruction, please click   Private Sessions

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Stress Management      +     Yoga Therapy     +      Heath Improvement      +     Successful Living